Awesome Things You May Have Missed

Awesome Things You May Have Missed While You Were Preoccupied By Shaming People For Their Support Of Gay Marriage

A new translation device may help emergency service workers meet the needs of non-English speakers and save their valuable lives.

Some generous folks shared their group Powerball winnings with the newest member of their team after she opted out of the pool.

Cell therapy show promise in curing adults living with acute leukemia. I think we can all agree that cancer freaking sucks and this would be rad.

A dude found a BABY SQUIRREL in a bag of mulch and he’s taking care of it. So now he gets a pet squirrel. I am super jealous.

Bill Gates is looking for people to make a sexier condom so use will go up and disease will go down.

This adorable freaking dog hung out with some bunnies and chicks.

Kids in Japan started doing this, which is way better than the Harlem Shake.

A 19 year old came up with a design that may help remove a bunch of trash from our majestic and awesome oceans.


I keep meaning to, I swear...

I hate Facebook but it's so easy.
"Want to pretend you have a connection to your Bay Area friends? Look at your feed. Done? Good. Now you know they had a sandwich for lunch and the weather is balmy. Oh look, one of your local friends invited you to a drag show. You are loved. See? Good."
I'm absolutely sucked in by how easy it is. It fits in my day since I'm frequently going evenings without opening my laptop once I get home; I can check in on my phone and pretend like I am involved.
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Chin up, friends, it's almost spring!
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I woke up feeling grumpy and tired on Monday (not unlike this). I figured it was just the Monday blues hitting me extra hard after a fun weekend but as the day slogged on I kept remembering tiny snippets of a dream- a bad dream starring someone who I would really prefer not to think about (you hear that, subconscious? knock it off!). This bad dream memory kept coming back to me but I could never recall the whole scenario. There was an argument. There may have been brightly colored costumes. There were pesky feelings. It was annoying and the uncomfortable "I had an argument with someone I'm displeased with." feeling hasn't completely faded yet.

I meant to post this yesterday when it would have been at least a bit more timely if not more interesting. Just trying to get back into the swing of using LJ.
I could go for a sandwich.
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Sad Panda

This is what it takes?

Today is my third day home from work with strep. I got strep approximately infinity times as a kid but my 20s were pretty strep-free. Apparently my early-mid-thirties are strep time again. I'm glad I'm getting slightly less stubborn with age, there was certainly a time where I would have felt the need to power through my 'sore throat' and go to work which would have put our 10 student workers at risk for catching strep right before finals which would have made me feel like the biggest jerk ever.

Besides being a bit stir-crazy and sick of feeling like Darth Vader is hiding just out of sight force-choking me things have been good. We had a housewarming party last weekend. Nothing got broken (actually we discovered that an ear was broken off a toy), nobody hurled on anything, the cops were not alerted, and people seemed to have a really good time.

I suppose a lot's happened since I last made a content-free post in September but making a huge list of goings-ons sounds terribly boring. My (favorite and only) ex is moving to Indiana. He's actually there right now. Weird? Weird. Not really sure if I want to go into the feelings this is making me feel. I guess I'm still a pretty private person about a lot of things... sorry pals. Maybe I'll grow past being private at some point.
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David Bowie disapproves

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It's 80 degrees in my office right now. The little plant on my desk dropped a bunch of leaves over the weekend in protest, sadly it is not acceptable for me to drop excess clothing so instead I will complain in my terribly neglected Livejournal. I miss the LJ community! Maybe I can lead by example and post more here, less in The Other Place.
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New York

Help me pick some pictures!

So I am maybe/probably entering the Champaign County Parks District photo contest thinger (insert a lot of babbling about how I don't think my pictures are very contesty here) and I'm having trouble narrowing it down to three pictures. Input appreciated. And if there's a picture you've seen on my flickr that you think is way better than these, let me know.
Here's the set on Flickr.

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Who wants to sample my bitters?

OKAY- So here's the deal, I have far more demand than supply for the bitters. I can give out 10 full sets (Cherry Vanilla, Dreamsicle, and Earl Grey). 2 people can get 2 flavors (Dreamsicle and Earl Grey) and 5 more people can get just Earl Grey.

If you *really* want to be a test subject for my bitters I'm asking for a few bucks (estimate- $5) to cover my shipping to you. The bitters will come with a pre-stamped comment card that I beg you to fill out and return to me.

If you are interested please email me(nadja.robot at gmail). Once I've compiled emails I'll get back to everyone about who gets what. It's basically first come, first served but some are spoken for already.