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Cocktail mascot!

Which drawing would make a better logo for my cocktail bitters? The guy on the right is a cocktail shaker, fyi.

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More FREAKY dolls

The girl can't help it. I've been staring at Doll Chateau's crazy babies and imagining turning a small closet into an insane forest scene with all these unusual and (to me) lovely creations frolicking about.



Camera lens advices wanted!

Sometimes the lens stuff is just too technical for me and the camera companies feel the need to use all these weird terms that don't mean anything to me (like DX formatting).
So I finally sold my D50 (YAY for it going to a loving home!) and I'm working on replacing the lenses that wouldn't autofocus on the D5100 (I know, I know, I shouldn't rely on autofocus but I wear glasses and it's hard for me to focus with them on). I was hoping to replace my f1.8 50mm with a f1.4 but my research is telling me that on a DX format camera the 50 is more like a 75 and the 35 is more like a 50.
Have you ever seen this many numbers in my journal? It makes me sad, too.
I started looking at f1.4 35s and they are approaching the "are you f*&^@# kidding me?!" price point. Now I'm trying to decide between a slower 35 and a faster 50. Help a girl out!

Faster 50mm:
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G Autofocus Lens

$419 (CRYFACE)

Slower 35mm:
Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens


Thoughts? Advice?


Oh goodness, dolls!

For some reason I decided to go look at some dolls.
Usually I quickly scan the dollyboard and think "Boring, fish-face, boring, kill it with fire, boring" (seriously, there are a lot of boring sculpts out there) but today I checked out Dollzone (so I could look at Beetta whom I adore.) and found that they are moving in a new, crazy, and awesome direction.

Pictures below...Collapse )

The problem with these really unique dolls is that they're almost too interesting. I guess it depends on how you "play" with your toys but I don't know how many scenarios I could think of posing a sleepy-eyed planthromorphic doll in but I'm sure some of the amazing photographers in the hobby are already brimming with ideas and eying their piggy banks.



I am selling my Nikon D50 along with a Nikon 50mm lens and a Sigma 70-210 lens.
The cost is $350. Three-hundred-fiddy. For a DSLR and 2 lenses. That is a steal.

Also included: Extra battery, portable battery charger, manuals, other stuff from the box I never used. There is a scratch on the top display- it doesn't muck anything up. I have glued the thumb rest back on- it still rests your thumb like a champ.
Please don't make me sell it on ebay, it's such a pain.

Check out a review here.
It's a 6 megapixel camera. This is PLENTY. Don't believe the hype, you don't need a 14mp camera. If you don't believe me maybe you'll believe this guy or this guy.
Pretty much all of the pictures on my flickr were taken with the D50, it is an awesome camera, a perfect starter DSLR.

Puss (Warning; GROSS)

So i'm lying on my stomach on the bed and benjamin is bringing me shots, applying hot compresses, and squeezing thick goo out of a cyst on my back.
I've had this tiny bump on my back for at least a year, in the back of my mind I thought it should be looked at but i've been without health insurance and it just didn't seem terribly important.  On Thursday night while we were enjoying ourselves at Pecha Kucha it started throbbing. We checked it out when we got home and it was about 3 times the size it tends to be and red, and disturbingly stiff.
benjamin sTone, being a very reasonable person and well aquainted with cysts , suggested I head to a doctor so I went in on Friday morning.
The very nice doctor at Convenient Care got all suited up with protective eye gear and explained that her last lancing squirted so fiercely she had to wash her hair at the hospital... Turns out my cyst was too mighty for her puny scalpel and she wasn't able to do much but I was sent home with a prescription for antibiotics, instructions to apply hot compresses, and orders to have it "dug out" by my regular doctor asap.
It's been excrutiatingly painful and my sleep has been absolute garbage but benjamin's been amazing. Because it's on my back he has to do all the bandaging and compressing. Tonight has been amazingly and disgustingly productive. I feel like the most grotesque girl in the world but so thankful to have a boy who will do this dirty work.
He was just taking photos and describing the consistency as "applesaucey". It reminds me of the David Sedaris story about his apricot-sized ass cyst. Now if you'll excuse me, my wonderful boy is also making me dinner and I just can't let him be that fantastic.

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Halloweeeeeeenie update

It seems like nobody's really into Halloween this year.  benchilada and I have been working hard on our costumes but opportunities to show them off and hang out with fantastic type people are few and far between. This Halloween malaise isn't just in central Illinois, none of my California peoples seem to be doing much either. Is it because Halloween's on a Monday? That's where my blame has been firmly placed because the thought that my friends just aren't into Halloween any more is too terrible to consider.

What are you fine folks doing/being? My costume is still a slight surprise so you'll have to wait till after Saturday for pictures.


Ellis Nadler

It takes me a while sometimes, but I try to stay pretty caught up on 50 Watts (formerly Journey Round My Skull).
He's been posting about the artist Ellis Nadler for around a year now and every time I see a new update I just ache for these cards to be finished so I can spend my hard earned monies on them. They are just... amazing. You know how sometimes you see some art and you just say "Yes, that is MY thing."? THIS is my thing. So hard.

Check out the rest of his amazing Cards of Wu, now!

The Florodora

Tonight’s cocktail was inspired by, and named after, a very schmaltzy sounding musical from 1899. Florodora featured six identically petite ladies who were so lovely and enticing that they kept getting married off to millionaires and leaving the show. Allegedly, during the first New York run more than 70 ‘Florodora Girls’ were cast. If you care to take a listen, here’s Tell Me, Pretty Maiden.

Schmaltzy, right? The resulting beverage is really quite good and surprisingly not sticky-sweet. It’s been treating me very well on these warm summer evenings.

The Florodora


1 1/2 oz gin*
The juice of one small lime or about 3/4 to 1 oz
2 tsp raspberry syrup**
Ginger ale

Mix the first three ingredients and add to a tall glass half filled with shaved or crushed ice. Top up with ginger ale and stir with a long bar spoon. Garnish with an orange slice and a cherry (or don’t).

*Plymouth is called for in the book Imbibe! but I used Broker’s and it was lovely. Broker’s also comes with a little bowler hat which is a huge bonus.
**Cover a pint of slightly roughed up raspberries with simple or gum syrup and leave overnight. Strain out the solids.

I’ve tried this drink with Canada Dry ginger ale and with Barritt’s ginger beer, they were both nice in different ways. The more aggressive ginger beer stood up nicely to the lime and the gin and raspberry syrup made a sweet backdrop. The meeker ginger ale didn’t put up a fuss and blended nicely with the other flavors. It’s a great looking drink, too!
Pretty sure I’m using a sundae glass but I don’t care, I love the shape and the weight (I’m a klutz).

What’s your favorite summer cocktail?

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