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This is what it takes?

Today is my third day home from work with strep. I got strep approximately infinity times as a kid but my 20s were pretty strep-free. Apparently my early-mid-thirties are strep time again. I'm glad I'm getting slightly less stubborn with age, there was certainly a time where I would have felt the need to power through my 'sore throat' and go to work which would have put our 10 student workers at risk for catching strep right before finals which would have made me feel like the biggest jerk ever.

Besides being a bit stir-crazy and sick of feeling like Darth Vader is hiding just out of sight force-choking me things have been good. We had a housewarming party last weekend. Nothing got broken (actually we discovered that an ear was broken off a toy), nobody hurled on anything, the cops were not alerted, and people seemed to have a really good time.

I suppose a lot's happened since I last made a content-free post in September but making a huge list of goings-ons sounds terribly boring. My (favorite and only) ex is moving to Indiana. He's actually there right now. Weird? Weird. Not really sure if I want to go into the feelings this is making me feel. I guess I'm still a pretty private person about a lot of things... sorry pals. Maybe I'll grow past being private at some point.



Dec. 6th, 2012 08:28 pm (UTC)
really sorry that you are dealing with Step - I actually don't recall having it as a child but I know what a bitch it is as an adult

and in regards to personal things? they are, well personal. and if you decide to share them, I would feel honored - but only if you are comfortable with sharing. I am sure that situation is rather nerve racking as he is now practially a neighbor

get better soon my dear

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